"Appelhoek" in Melle

Ever since 1654 there has undoubtedly been some kind of brewing activity in the "Appelhoek" in Melle.Ever since 1654 there has undoubtedly been some kind of brewing activity in the "Appelhoek" in Melle.



In 1902 Leon Huyghe arrived from Poperinge in Melle, where he started working in the local brewery at the Appelhoek. Leon had always been fascinated by the world of brewing. Moreover, he was married to Delfina Van Doorselaer, a brewer's daughter from Wolvertem.


after the war

Barely four years later, in 1906, he bought the brewery, which he named "Brouwerij-Mouterij den Appel". During the First World War, several breweries got into trouble, and after the war the brewing-coppers, which the occupying forces had claimed, had to be replaced as quickly as possible. (Nowadays, one of those coppers hangs above the bar in the museum as a kind of decorating dome).



In 1936 the construction of a new complex started along the Geraardbergsesteenweg. This building will accommodate the new brewery as of 1939 onwards.


New building

In 1939, the new buildings along the Geraardsbergsensteenweg were finished. They contain the new brewery-hall, which is still the pride of the brewery.In 1939, the new buildings along the Geraardsbergsensteenweg were finished.


"Delirium Tremens" was born

On December 26th 1988, the famous "Delirium Tremens" was born. The particular character and the unique taste of "Delirium Tremens" result from the use of three different kinds of yeast.


confrerie of the pink Elephant

In 1992, the "confrerie of the pink Elephant" was founded. Its task is to promote "Delirium Tremens" and the other beers of Melle. The brewery Huyghe took over the breweries "Campus", "St Idesbald" and "Vielle Villers".In 1992, the "confrerie of the pink Elephant" was founded.


Best Beer in the World

In 1997, our show-beer "Delirium Tremens" is nominated "best beer in the world by American beer hunter Stuart A. Kallen. This world award was confirmed in 1998 with a gold medal at the Chicago World Beer Championship.


Delirium Nocturnum

After having acquired Biertoren and Damy, Huyghe now also adds Brewery Villers to its portfolio: from now on the abbey beers Vieille Villers and Triple Villers, the "Loteling", "Paranoia" (quite similar to Delirium) and the "Rubbel sexy lager" are being brewed in Melle.


The year of the large reconstruction work

The year of the large reconstruction works. The brewery renovates its entire yeast and lager capacity: 16 cilindro-conical yeast tanks (of 100 to 600 hl capacity) are being installed in the newly built room. The old lager cellar will be completely dismantled.


Delirium Red

New beers are being developed: Artevelde Premier Cru, Delirium Red and Mongozo Premium Pilsener (gluten-free, fair-trade and biological), which is elected as best Belgian lager beer during the Horeca Expo fair in November.



Deliria was introduced for the first time in 2013 – a beer brewed by women for all beer enthusiasts. A shower of prizes also rained down on the brewery's beers. Internationally it garnered no fewer than 13 medals for Delirium Tremens, La Guillotine, Mongozo, Deliria and the Floris beers.


Delirium Argentum

The annual Beer & Women Day in January reached a milestone. No fewer than 150 women descended on Melle for a beer and gastronomy experience. In Chile's prestigious beer annals, Delirium Tremens was judged in February to be the 'Best Strong Ale', gaining 4.73 of the maximum 5 points.



Delirium Nocturnum and Delirium Christmas maturing for 9 months in oak Bourbon barrels.
With its 11.8% alcohol, this is the heaviest beer in the brewery.

Description: amber, aged in oak bourbon barrel
Color: deep amber
Aroma: vanilla, alcohol, spicy
Taste: caramel, bourbon, vanilla, a touch of almond. Aftertaste: alcoholic, woody tones, slightly bitter.
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