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You will not only find our pink elephant in Flemish pubs: Delirium beer has an international reputation and can even be found at the Machu Picchu ruins. Check out the pink dots on our world map!
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Delirium Confrérie

  • デリリウム普及推進団体
The ‘Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant from Melle’ was founded on 24 April 1992.
The members of the ‘Brotherhood of the Hasselt jenever’ are our godfathers and our godchildren are the members of the ‘Brotherhood of the Aunts and Uncles of Valeir’ from Gavere.
The Brotherhood consists of 23 active members, 18 of which constitute the Grand Council.
The goal of the Confrérie is to promote the age-old traditions of Melle’s local beers - specifically the ‘Delirium Tremens’ - as quality products both at home and abroad and to foster public appreciation of these beers as ‘truly local products’. The Brotherhood aims to restore the standing of the Melle local beers in the gastronomic and culinary world. By regularly taking part in the chapters of fellow brotherhoods a genuine friendship has been forged, enabling the members to discover the gastronomical and folklore heritage of Belgium and its neighbouring countries.
The Brotherhood is also active on a social level by contributing to a host of activities, the proceeds of which are donated in full to the Child Psychiatry ward of the psychiatric institute ‘Caritas’ in Melle.

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