Melle, March 8, 2021 - Corona or not, traditions are there to be honoured. At least, that's what is believed at the Huyghe brewery. Just like previous years, 8 March - International Women's Day - is synonym to Deliria Day. This time, however, there were no foreign guests to help brewing this exclusive beer, but rather the female employees of the brewery itself. But that didn’t impact the enthusiasm … on the contrary!

In previous years, women from all over the world visited Huyghe to help brew Deliria, Delirium's "little sister". This year this is not possible, given the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, Huyghe did not want to break with the tradition and hence, also in 2021 there will be a limited edition of Deliria. And Huyghe owes this to the brewery's own female employees. The 6 ladies on duty are: Catherine Dubrulle (Marketing Manager & Legal Advisor), Maxine Verbiest (Manager delirium café ) , Marelis Vargas (Marketing Assistant), Els Vidts (Finance), Pira Hemingway (sales rep Wallonia) and Caroline De Waele (HR Manager).

Entirely in accordance with the corona measures, the ladies do not brew together, but each separately. As a result, 6 brews will be brewed this year, good for 900 HL in total, which is more than in previous years (450 HL). The approach may be different this year, yet the recipe did not alter. Deliria remains a blond beer of 8.5% with a mild hop aroma and this year a large part will again be destined for export, in order to meet the high demand for this exclusive beer. 

And this year too, the beer of the pink elephant is launching a charity campaign: part of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Association. Catherine Dubrulle adds: “We are happy to be able to brew Deliria again, despite corona. This year it was a get-together with the colleagues, but that did not mean less fun. It was rather a matter of linking the useful to the pleasant


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