The elephant design by Delirium Tremens wins the Ritzenhoff Award


Glass producer Ritzenhoff and Bier Passie Magazine went looking for the most beautiful beer glasses in Belgium for the first time.

From the nominations, the new glass by Delirium Tremens stood head and shoulders above it all. “The new glass scored the maximum on almost all criteria and left the competition far behind with 93 out of 100. It is therefore a unique glass in which the pink elephant is prominent. Even in the stem of the glass, the trunk of the elephant returns. The tall convex glass, based on a chalice of a gin glass, also beautifully emphasizes the beer and the taste experience ”, says jury member and beer sommelier Ben Vinken of Bier Passie Magazine. "The glass simply evokes the pleasantly disturbed atmosphere of the beer and the brewery," says Vinken.

CEO Alain De Laet is pleased with, again, an award for his brewery. “Delirium remains our biggest banner and business card and the development of the new glass was a serious investment. Belgium has a huge beer glass culture and we are happy that we also score high there. Moreover, the printing of the logos is done with a digital printer, making it the "greenest" glass in Belgium. After all, as a brewery, we always put sustainability at number one in our production process, ”says Alain De Laet.

delirium glass
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