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    The story of Delirium

    Delirium Tremens was first brewed on 26 December 1988. Our brewing team developed the beer at the specific request of Italian beer enthusiasts with a preference for this type of beer. The unique character of Delirium lies in the 3 different types of yeast and the original earthenware bottle.
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    The Delirium Experience

    Brewery Huyghe’s rich history has been preserved in our beer museum! Would you like to discover the origins of our magnificent beers? And experience our passion for beer brewing? Request a visit to our brewery and museum today.
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    Cool stuff

    Delirium Muts

    € 9,50

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    Delirium Flip Flops

    € 10

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    Delirium Knuffel

    € 12

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    Het Originele Glas

    € 5,95

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    € 5

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    Brouwerij Boek

    € 19,95

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    The elephant design by Delirium Tremens wins the Ritzenhoff Award

    Delirium Tremens, the most famous beer with the pink elephant from the Huyghe brewery in Melle, is now also served in the most beautiful glass of recent years. The brewery received the first Ritzenhoff Award with great distinction for its new glass.
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    Our community in action...

    Delirium tastes best in enjoyable company. Share your Delirium moment on Instagram with the hashtags #deliriumtremens or #deliriumbrewery and watch your pic appear on the official DeliriumBrewery page
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