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The Abbey of Averbode launches basket of qualitative products: bread, cheese and beer

Today the abbey community presented the long awaited basket of products that will be launched under the brand name Abbey Averbode. The basket contains bread, cheese and beer, developed respectively by the carefully chosen partners La Lorraine Bakery Group, Milcobel and Brewery Huyghe. The Abbey Averbode products can be tasted and bought in the abbey shop as of 23 April 2014. And from 30 April onwards they will also be sold at Delhaize, in selected cheese shops and at beer mongers. Next to launching the new products, the Abbey also presented its future plans: in the long term there will be an experience centre, with amongst others an own bakery, microbrewery and cheese maturation room.

For this launch a new logo was created that also refers to the Abbey and its role within society. The double A – which stands for Abbey Averbode – forms a cross, one of the strongest symbols in a religious context. At the same time it refers to the crossroads of worlds the Abbey is embodying. Ever since its inauguration in 1134 the Abbey combines spiritual life with an engagement focuses on the broader society.

Abbey Averbode products, the result of passion and tradition.

Abbey Averbode beer
The Averbode Abbey appointed Brewery Huyghe as its partner to brew Averbode Abbey beer. Just like the Averbode Abbey has a rich and long tradition, the family brewery Huyghe also can look back on a glorious history, where tradition and authenticity are kept in high esteem. These values were also confirmed when Brewery Huyghe joined the Belgian Family Brewers.

But also in terms of sustainability both parties have a common ground: Brewery Huyghe is the only brewer in Belgium with a beer in its portfolio that is fair trade, gluten free and organic at the same time. Moreover, all recent investments at the brewery were aimed at bringing down the carbon footprint of the production process. And Brewery Huyghe also pays special attention to social employment and therefore works together with a sheltered workshop. Respect for the neighbourhood, environment, society and sustainable use of raw materials are an integral part of the brewery's business model.

The 'new' Averbode Abbey beer is an homage and revaluation of history, as from the 14th until the 20th century there were brewing activities in the abbey and several brewages were made (Camerbier and Cleynbier). And although the brewery holds history in high esteem, the brewing installation on the other hand is state of the art and can be regarded as one of the most advanced in Belgium. Briefly, with the creation of the Averbode Abbey beer, tradition will meet top technology.

Abbey Averbode beer is a blonde multi-grain beer – with malted barley, oat, spelt – of 7.5% ABV, which has been dry hopped, which means that extra hop is added during cold lagering. As a result the floral notes become much more prevalent. This "Certified Belgian Abbey Beer" also has a second fermentation in the bottle. The result is a beer with a floral nose and a sweet and fine hop aroma, and a refreshing, full-mouthed and rather bitter aftertaste.

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The Abbey of Averbode launches basket of qualitative products: bread, cheese and beer