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La Guillotine wins bronze medal at Brussels Beer Challenge

Melle, 22 November 2016 – Earlier this month the Brussels Beer Challenge took place, where an international jury of 75 specialists tasted no less than 1100 beers from all over the world. And this year brewery Huyghe did it again: in the category Pale & Amber Ale: Bitter the beer La Guillotine won a bronze medal. Again a wonderful result for the brewer from Melle.

The Brussels Beer Challenge is a relatively young concours (5th edition), nevertheless the competition can already count on broad, international recognition. Moreover, the number of participating beers continues to grow. This year the jury had to evaluate 1100 beers both from national and international breweries, ranging from the large, international concerns to the small, artisan breweries. Also brewery Huyghe – who has won several international awards over the past months – entered a couple of beers in the competition.

The jury – consisting out of 75 (inter)national specialised journalists and beer writers, beer sommeliers and importers – submitted all beers to a critical analysis and blind tasting session. After 3 days of weighing and discussing, the medals were finally handed out. La Guillotine won a bronze medal in the category Pale & Amber Ale: Bitter. La Guillotine is a golden blond multigrain beer, with a complex scent: it has a citrus aroma, followed by hop aromas such as Saaz, Brewers Gold and Amarillo.

In a winner's mood
It is clear that the brewery is in a winner's mood. After having won several beer medals earlier this year, the brewer also was elected as Voka Ambassador East-Flanders 2016 last week. The fact that the brewery is in a winner's mood, does not mean Huyghe is now resting on its laurels. Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery explains: "It is true that we are currently on a roll. But this does not mean that we are no longer setting new goals. On the contrary. We believe that standing still is moving backwards. Although it becomes harder and harder – because we have been investing heavily over the past years – we still aim to improve our sustainable profile. And also in terms of export we aim high: we are already exporting to over 90 countries and in the long run we would like to pass the magic barrier of 100 export countries. In other words, we still have plenty of challenges to keep us sharp."

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La Guillotine wins bronze medal at Brussels Beer Challenge