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Brewery Huyghe signs – together with Bieres de Chimay – exclusive distribution contract in India

In the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders – who is accompanying the King on his 5-day State Visit to India – Brewery Huyghe and Chimay will be signing an exclusive distribution contract with Hema Connoisseur Collections on 8 November in New Delhi. Thanks to this contract Belgian specialty beers will now also enter the Indian market, a first!

The independent family brewery Huyghe has built up a solid export reputation: no less than 81% of the annual production (about 200,000 HL) is being exported to over 95 countries worldwide. And India can now be added to that list. Together with Chimay, brewery Huyghe signs an exclusive contract with Hema Connoisseur Collections, which – to start with – will be introducing 2 beers of brewery Huyghe (Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum) and 2 beers of brewery Chimay (Chimay Red and Chimay Gold) in the Indian market. Alain De Laet, CEO of Brewery Huyghe, is a happy man: "Belgian beer is a strong brand and we are very pleased that together with Chimay we will be able to build this strong brand in the Indian market. Both breweries share the same values and we are convinced that together we stand stronger in order to enter Belgian specialty beers – which are non-existing today in this gigantic market – in the market."

In order to further boost the market introduction both parties have jointly assigned an ambassador (Admonitum BVBA), who will help Hema Connoisseur Collections in further building a beer client network and introducing the Belgian Beer Culture. Hema Connoisseur Collections has vast experience in the complex market that India is, with its 29 states, each of which with their own rules and 4 of them being so-called 'dry states' or alcohol-free states.

At first instance the beers will be sold in large hotel bars and in the overall hotel and catering industry, but Alain De Laet's ambitions reach even further: "We aim to export about 1500 HL to India in 3 years' time and potentially this market can become as big as France, the US or China, which are currently are 3 main export markets."

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Brewery Huyghe signs – together with Bieres de Chimay – exclusive distribution contract in India