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Brewery Huyghe reaches milestone: argentina is the 100th export country

Melle, 23 June 2018 – In the presence of Belgian princess Astrid an exclusive distribution contract between Huyghe and Rosario will be signed at the Belgian embassy in Buenos Aires next Tuesday. Huyghe will reach a milestone by doing so: Argentina will be the 100th export country for the brewery. But the introduction was far from smooth: no less than 6 years and a name change – not Delirium Tremens but DT will enter the market - were needed. According to the brewery Argentina has the potential to quickly become an important growth market.

With over 44 million inhabitants Argentina is 1 one the largest countries of the South-American continent and hence, a huge potential market for breweries such as Huyghe. In reality it is very hard for non-local brewersto penetrate the market, which is proven by Huyghe's case: no less than 6 years were needed before the beer could be launched on the Argentinean market. And this also involved a name change of the brewery's most popular brand: Delirium Tremens. The beer will enter the market as DT and the other beers of the Delirium family were renamed D Red, D Argentum and D Nocturnum.

In the presence of among others princess Astrid, Minister Didier Reynders, Kris Peeters, Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Philippe Muyters and Secretary of State Pieter De Crem and Cécile Jodogne an exclusive long-term distribution contract will be signed with Rosario at the Belgian embassy of Buenos Aires on Tuesday.Stefaan Naeyaert, Export Manager of the brewery, explains: " Rosario is a perfect for us. They have their own retail chain, are very strong in online sales and moreover put in place an impressive sales team to introduce our beers in the market. Belgian beer has an excellent reputation, also in Latin America, partly thanks to AbInbev, and we are confident that this can turn into a real success story."

Growth potential
Although Argentina is mainly known as a wine country, the beer market has nevertheless seen a nice increase over the past years. The beer consumption per capita fluctuates around 41 litre per year – below the region average of 60 litre – but this means that the potential is all the more interesting. And what's even more important for Huyghe: the beer landscape is slowly evolving from simple lager to craft beers and specialty beers, which is excellent news for Huyghe. The brewer from Melle will only be selling specialty beers in Argentina: next to the earlier mentioned Delirium range, the beers La Guillotine and Averbode will also be part of the Argentinean portfolio.

Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery, is very ambitious: "We hope to sell about 500 HL in a relatively short notice in Argentina. This would bring the country immediately in the top 3 of our South-American export markets. We certainly look at the future from a bright side. Last year we realised a 10.5% increase in turnover and in the first 6 months of 2018 we are already peaking at a 15% increase."

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Brewery Huyghe reaches milestone: argentina is the 100th export country