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Brewery Huyghe presents impressive growth figures

2014 was a grand cru year for brewery Huyghe. Despite the declining beer consumption, the continuous high taxes on beer in France (the brewery’s largest export market) and the perpetuating growth of Belgian-style breweries in the US (the brewery’s second largest export market), the turnover increased by 20% - summiting to 26 million € - and the volume by 10% - amounting to a total volume of 180,000 HL. The brewery thanks the growth for a large part to the export, which accounts for 74% of the turnover. But also the national market grew substantially (+22.5%), amongst others thanks to the in April 2014 launched Abbey beer Averbode. It is the brewery’s ambition to continue 2015 on the same path and the brewery will also continue to invest in sustainability, with the aim of becoming the ‘greenest’ brewer of Belgium. More information and detailed figures can be found on www.delirium.be/news

Brewery Huyghe presents impressive growth figures