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Brewery Huyghe presents impressive figures for 2014

Melle, 9 February 2015 – 2014 was a grand cru year for brewery Huyghe. Despite the declining beer consumption, the continuous high taxes on beer in France (the brewery's largest export market) and the perpetuating growth of Belgian-style breweries in the US (the brewery's second largest export market), the turnover increased by 20% - summiting to 26 million € - and the volume by 10% - amounting to a total volume of 180,000 HL. The brewery thanks the growth for a large part to the export, which accounts for 74% of the turnover. But also the national market grew substantially (+22.5%), amongst others thanks to the in April 2014 launched Abbey beer Averbode. It is the brewery's ambition to continue 2015 on the same path and the brewery will also continue to invest in sustainability, with the aim of becoming the 'greenest' brewer of Belgium.

The brewery thanks its spectacular growth to its specialty beers and in particular to its strategic core brands Delirium, La Guillotine and Averbode Abbey beer. Together they grew by 32% and represent 56% of the turnover. This turnover amount to 26 million € in 2014, an increase by 20% versus 2013. The Delirium family (Tremens, Red, Nocturnum and Christmas) has always been responsible for the larger part of the turnover and continued to grow in 2014 (+28% versus 2013), mainly thanks to the continuous success abroad. The beer of the pink elephant is now available in 85 countries worldwide and the export accounts for 74% of the turnover. The top 3 export markets are France (+10%), the US (+28%) and Canada (+21%), but relatively new markets such as China and Brazil are climbing fast in the top 10 (respectively +60% and +61% versus 2013).

The brewery also succeeded in getting a foot on the ground on the African continent: Ivory Coast, Congo, Kenya and Cameroon are just a couple of countries where you can buy Delirium now. It is the brewery's ambition to be present in 100 countries in the short term.

But also the national market grew impressively: last year the turnover increased by 22.5% and the brewery thanks this leap forward partially to the very successful launch of the Averbode Abbey beer, which was launched in April 2014. And also the foreign markets have discover the Averbode Abbey beer. Today it is already available in 20 markets, amongst others in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Panama, Chilli and many others.

And the brewery remains ambitious. Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery, explains: "We want to prolong the positive vibe of 2014 in 2015 and it is our goal to realise a turnover increase of 16%. We believe we can realise this by continuing to grow our sales teams and by implementing innovative actions that put our quality beers in the picture. Moreover, with the launch of the Averbode Abbey beer and our 25 year jubilee beer Delirium Argentum we prove that we also continue to invest in innovation."

New sustainable investments
Next to sustainable growth, the brewery also strives to improve its ecologic profile even more in 2015, in order to become the greenest brewer of Belgium. Over the past years, the brewery has done a lot of efforts in that respect, which resulted in a decreased consumption of all means: raw materials -10%, CO2 -17%, steam -55%, water -20% and electricity -24%.

In 2015 the brewery plans another 4,000,000 € of extra investments. Amongst others in the bottling department there will be investments worth 1.2 million €, enabling to make innovative packaging, and increasing the quality, flexibility and return on investment. The brewery will also install a new filtration unit, which can filter 200 HL of beer per hour (versus 100 HL now) and a new warehouse of 2,500 m2, which will also house the people of the sheltered employment who produce the gift packaging. The brewery is also planning a study to investigate the reuse of wastewater via nano filtration.

Basically, the green (and pink) story of brewery Huyghe is far from finished.

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Brewery Huyghe presents impressive figures for 2014