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Brewery Huyghe add no less than 5 new medals to its palmares

Brewery Huyghe is in a winning mood. In January they already won 2 awards at the World Beer Idol and now they can add another 5. At the World Beer & Cider Awards (New Zealand) Mongozo Premium Pilsner won bronze, Delirium Tremens and Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer both won silver and there was a gold medal for Delirium Nocturnum. Deliria, the little sister of Delirium, won a silver medal at the Foodex Gourmet Food & Drinks (Japan).

81 breweries from all over the world participated in the World Beer & Cider Awards and together they sent in over 520 beers. And brewery Huyghe won no less than 4 medals in the competition: in the category Pilsner, Mongozo Premium Pilsner won a bronze medal and in the category Wheat and Other Grain Beer there was a silver medal for Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer. The icing on the cake came in the category European-style Ale: there brewery Huyghe won the silver and bronze medal, respectively for Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum.

And at the other side of the world there was more good news: in Japan Deliria won a silver medal at the Foodex Gourmet Food & Drinks. With the 2 medals that were won earlier in January, this brings the total of medals won this year at 7. Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery, is obviously very satisfied: "The year has only started and we have already won 7 medals. This is very promising for the rest of the year! This international recognition is obviously very pleasant, but for me it is even more important to see that we continue to grow year after year. And we will be reinvesting the profits, in order to turn our brewery into a state-of-the- art company, which I can hand over to my son, who represents the next (fifth) generation."

New Deliria presented on 8 March 2017
Mid January an international company gathered to brew Deliria once more and the end result will be presented to the public during a Latin Night on 8 March – International Women's day. The Latin Night takes place in Club Central in Ghent, and those who want to enjoy the new brew and at the same time feel like dancing salsa or bachata, can enrol via our website www.delirium.be. Participation is entirely free.

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Brewery Huyghe add no less than 5 new medals to its palmares