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Averbode abdijbier and delirium tremens win gold medal at frankfurt international trophy

Melle, 23 April 2018 – Last week beer and wine experts joined in Frankfurt to taste and judge no less than 2250 products from 40 countries. 1 of the mayor winners was Brewery Huyghe: Averbode Abbey beer and Delirium Tremens both won a gold medal, respectively in the categories Pale Ale – Abbey Belgian-Style Blond and Pale-Ale–Belgian Style Triple. These are the 4th and 5th medal for Huyghe this year.

Since brewery Huyghe was commissioned to create Averbode Abbey beer on demand of the Averbode norbertine community in 2013, the blond beer has become very successful. In Belgium the beer has many fans, but also abroad consumers like the beer. Averbode Abbey beer is one of the core brands of the brewery and hence also one of the strategic pillars in Huyghe's export policy.

The beer won several awards in the past years. The blonde multi-grain beer – with malted barley, oat, spelt - of 7.5% ABV, has been dry hopped and has received an extra fermentation in the bottle. The beer has a floral nose and a sweet and fine hop aroma, and a refreshing, full-mouthed and rather bitter aftertaste. And this unique taste pallet has also pleased the jury members of the Frankfurt International Trophy, as they awarded Averbode Abbey beer with a gold medal in the category Pale Ale – Abbey Belgian-Style Blond.

But also Delirium Tremens won an award once more and this is certainly not the first time. The list of awards for the beer of the pink elephant is endless. And in Frankfurt Delirium Tremens won another gold medal. This medal is already the 5th one for the brewery this year.

Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery, is happy with the medals for Averbode and Delirium Tremens: "Although Delirium Tremens remains our most important product, Averbode Abbey beer is exactly what the brewery stands for: tradition, authenticity, sustainability and quality. Which is why I am all the more happy that this beer wins an award once more. Although it never was a goal as such when we created the beer. Each time again, we just try to create a unique beer which tastes great."

Averbode abdijbier and delirium tremens win gold medal at frankfurt international trophy