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The capacity of the brewery currently amounts to 148,000 hectoliter, but will increase to 300,000 hectoliter. From October 2011 onwards a state-of-the-art brew room (Krones) will be brought into use. It consists of:

  • 5 new brewing kettles, including a grain mash kettle (78hl), a malt mash kettle (142hl), a buffer tank (189hl), a hop boiler (224hl) and a whirlpool (202 hl).
  • The latest filtration technology in the brew room (Meura from Peruwelz)
  • A brand new and very efficient bottle line (18,000 bottles per hour) - Krones- A new tunnel pasteurization installation
  • Industrial automation (Procat from Deurne)
  • Electrical cabling and lighting (Francis Tytgat from Melle)
  • Five malt silos (Spiromatic from Deinze)

Additional features Huyghe brewery include:

  • 4 clear beer tanks of 600 hectolitres
  • 12 cylindrical-conical yeast and lagering tanks, each of 950 hectolitres
  • Two automatic CIP (Cleaning In Place) installations
  • An automatic yeast propagator
  • High-capacity compressors
  • Solar panels delivering 20% of the energy used
  • A yeast and sugar measuring unit in the line
  • Water wells (reducing municipal water usage) with extra buffer capacity
  • Steam boilers and steam piping insulated
  • Air-cooled CO2 heaters in the compressor area
  • 2 sugar tanks
  • 2 blowers on the waste water purification installation
  • Water purification using membrane filtration
  • 2 extra loading bays with structures above for packing via the protected workshop
  • Air compressor with energy recovery
  • 5 gas-powered forklift trucks
  • Steam boiler (condensation boiler) running on natural gas, with extra gas emissions cooler (energy recovery)
  • New filtration unit
  • In December 2015, a new 2,500m² warehouse
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